out take bistro

About Us


Out Take Bistro offers a warmly appointed dining room, covered patio dining, as well as a separate dining area for special gatherings. Coupled with a diverse menu beckoning with tempting tastes to sate all cravings and whims, Out Take Bistro is an understated Boulevard venue. From traditional Ukrainian borscht to succulently filled crab ravioli in a lobster sauce, entrées featuring beef bourguignon, and a perfectly roasted citrus-marinated chicken served with porcini mushroom risotto, Out Take Bistro consistently offers diners a breadth of flavors to satisfy every passion one´s palate can picture. Whether you long for a salad brimming with the freshest of seasonal vegetables and skillfully seasoned additions like grilled scallops, lamb chops, tiger shrimp or chicken, or simply desire a hefty-size ciabatta sandwich, you will not leave hungry. Side dishes include sweet potato fries and two styles of traditional fries (garlic parmesan or Cajun style), which arrive glistening from the fryer. More>



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